MatPat, created in 2004, is an online platform dedicated to the practice of chess in schools. Supported by the Canopé network, MatPat has been used for several online school competitions, including the MatPat trophies and the UNSS e-chess Challenge.

Since its creation, MatPat has been used by around 1,000 schools, with five million games played online. This success is explained by the simplicity of the interface, adapted to a young audience, while offering various functionalities, for example the organization of tournaments. In addition, MatPat offers online learning modules (e-learning) that allow students to progress, and teachers to monitor their performance.

In February 2020, MatPat and the French Chess Federation (FFE) signed a partnership agreement in order to promote the practice of chess in educational institutions.

The practice of chess in school thus aims to achieve pedagogical objectives, by facilitating the acquisition of skills and by allowing the implementation of transdisciplinary projects. Chess also promotes civic behavior: respect for others and rules, cooperation and student autonomy. Finally, MatPat participates in the students’ mastery of digital tools, thus helping students to become informed users of these new technologies.

Interested to try MatPat in your school or joining our international online competitions ?
Don’t hesitate to contact us : matpat@ffechecs.fr

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